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Four Most Fashionable Ways to Wear Crop Tops

Posted by [email protected] on June 20, 2020 at 2:30 AM Comments comments (359)

Order trendy and unique women crop tops at wholesale prices, SheStar offers huge selection of crop tops including sports bra for women and girls to keep stylish and cool in summer.

In the summer, it means the season to reveal your sexy body. Many girls are starting to lose weight, in this way, they can put on a crop top after they become slim. Many people don’t know what this kind of clothes look like. In fact, it is the kind of clothes above the waistline, just because it is short enough, it can help us to lengthen the waistline, and make us have a good figure in an instant. Therefore, if you want to match the sense of sight of two meters long legs, you must try to wear this crop top. Then let me take you to visit our online store SheStar for wholesale women crop tops at by the way and make you master more ways to match crop tops!


Crop Top with Skinny Jeans

shestar wholesale sexy sequins ruffle cami top

A short top with tight jeans should be the most classic match. No matter how you wear it, it is always the best way for match. It looks very simple, yet fashionable. With a pair of light blue jeans, and the waist is matched with a belt, which is very cool and casual. Finally, put on a pair of stiletto heels to make you be a tall goddess instantly.

Crop Top With Shorts

 shestar wholesale floral embroidered cutout camisole

The combination of shorts and crop top should be the coolest set in summer. This set is really youthful enough to put on, and can fully show off the small waist and long legs. But the point of this set of clothes is that the crop top must be short, the shorts must be high-waisted, or the choice of a short vest is also very fashionable. This collocation has higher requirements for body shape. If you have a vest line, it is simply perfect!

Crop Top with Wide-leg Pants

 shestar wholesale bad cheery lace trim pink crop top

Some people worry that after wearing this kind of clothes, the fat on the lower body will be exposed. Then you need a pair of wide-leg pants to save you. After putting on the wide legs, which can immediately hide the fat, and it will also make you look very aura. Finally, paired with a pair of heightened sports shoes, and slightly exposed the lower abdomen, looking thin and sexy. In fact, this set is very suitable for short girls. The wide-leg pants have the effect of stretching the waistline, and the crop top is also a good treasure for lengthening, so the combination of these two, even a small girl will instantly have the height of a goddess level.

Crop Top with Skirts

 shestar wholesale off shoulder solid color blue ruffle crop top

The short-sleeved top with a collar can reveal the charming collarbone and the waist line, giving others a fresh feeling. The lower body is matched with a skirt, making the legs stretched a lot, and the waistline is raised, which fully shows the youthful vitality of the girl.

In order to let you have a tall goddess body instantly, please go to SheStar, which not only provides you with all kinds of trendy crop tops, but also offers you a variety of matching styles.

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Plus Size Dresses with Slimming Effect

Posted by [email protected] on June 19, 2020 at 3:15 AM Comments comments (137)

Get trendy and comfortable plus size dresses online for stylish women. SheStar provides you with a huge selection of chic women plus size dresses including sequins elegant evening dresses.

Dresses are an outfit that most women just love wearing because it is easy to style, comfortable and make them feel confident on some important occasions about carrying the look with confidence. But at the same time, many obese women are troubled by this. Their bodies are not so slim, they don’t think they look good in any clothes they wear, so they have no confidence to do anything. If you are browsing our online store SheStar for wholesale women plus size dresses at now, then I want to congratulate you for coming to the right place. Here prepares a variety of plus size dresses with slimming effect for you.

Trendy Plus Size Dresses for Holiday

 Shestar plus size flower print tie waist dresses

A lot of plus sized women lose their enthusiasm of going for a vacation the moment they must go shopping for holiday clothing, because the options available are lacking. And if you don't wear fashionable and beautiful clothes on vacation, the photos you take will be very unsatisfactory. And every woman has a beauty-loving personality, so if they can't find the right clothes, they will naturally lose passion for vacation.

The oversized dress we show above has a high-waist v-neck design that modifies the face and neck. The elegant skirt just covers the thighs and exposes the slender calf. And this printed dress match a round-edged hat and a pair of stiletto heels is simply the goddess in people's hearts.

Evening and Party Dresses

shestar plus size lace hollow out black dress

Whether anyone wants to wear dazzling costumes at the grand party, and become the focus of everyone, even fat women are no exception, they also want to attend the party confidently.

And this plus size lace hollow out black dress will be the best choice for them to participate in the party. This lace dress uses a 360-degree three-dimensional cutting process, the sleeves and skirts are designed to be hollow and sexy, and the knitted lace is particularly delicate. The A-line skirt covers the hips well, the lace texture is more elegant and light, and the lace fabric is skin-friendly and comfortable. Finally, match a pair of exquisite high-heeled shoes, the tenderness of this lace dress can be released in the air.

Plus Sexy Dresses

shestar plus size sexy cold shoulder ruffle trim dress


The design style of this plus size sexy cold shoulder ruffle trim dress is also very unique. The deep V-neck design lengthens the neck and modifies the face. Besides, the loose ruffled sleeves just covered the fat on the arms, only showing the sexy shoulders. Irregular ruffled skirts enhance the design of the entire dress, making women more sexy and elegant.

If you are looking for an oversized dress and do not know which dress is suitable for you, hurry up to join us now. SheStar has more and better new products waiting for you to discover.

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